Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Best Brazilian Blowout in San Diego

Health and beauty industries are among the recession proof businesses, it's no wander salon's and beauty spa's are popping up every where. It is extremely crucial that you look at a lot more than just cost and location when choosing a new salon in a new city or even your hometown.

Of course when walking into a salon for the first time, there's obvious signs to look for with in the first minute you walk in the door, are the floors clean, after each haircut the stylist should be sweeping up any hair off the floor, even if it's just a little, are the combs in a disinfected solution, are scissors rusty?, are the machines sharp and working properly. All these things can be summed up in just a minute and speaks the salon, if these certain things aren't well kept you should already know it is not a salon of quality caliber and can be very dangerous. When you walk in to a salon you want to be relaxed and comforted, not scared and ready to go straight to the doctor for a tetnaus shot.

Another way to see if a salon is producing quality work, personally walk in to said salon, is it packed? Is it a new salon that's still building up their clientele, do the customers look happy, are the stylist checking on them, talking to them and interacting with them, a good salon is going to check on their customers, offer them a beer or water, maybe even a tea or coffee. However if it is an established salon and it's empty there might be a reason for that, is there a guest book, take a quick look at it, are there any bad comments. Maybe go on line take a peek for any bad reviews, see if maybe they have a tweeter page,  sometimes people are afraid to mention things at an establishment, but feel more comfortable to post a review on line, whether it's a good one or bad, here in San Diego there's plenty of salon's to pick from, check out this blog as well as others to get a feel for any salon you go to.

As I had mentioned before, looking at the stylist is a good to check the salon and the environment and this goes for any place of employment, if your not happy where you work, chances are your not going to perform at your full potential. This goes for hairstylist and the salons they work for as well, hairstylist have a very difficult job, dealing with the public is no easy job, not to mention standing on your feet all day.

As a customer you have every right to do your homework, check all the ins and outs of a salon or beauty parlor before making an appointment. After all this your hair we're talking about, your the one that's going to go to work or school for the next two weeks with it, whether it's a good job or a bad one.

Don't do your homework and it could be a nightmare of an experience, so it's vital that you have the knowledge of what things to keep an eye out for to prevent a hair salon that is bad. It's not difficult to discover a salon that is great, which means you do not have to use ones that are lousy!

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